What’s weird? Deadly Code.

John Malkovich in Deadly Code plays a vicious, protective, weird character. His Russian accent, his story telling, his snarling when using a wolf analogy. All very weird.

This community they live in, they take care of their own. They let no one go down. It kind of reminds me of Sons of Anarchy. They take matters into their own hands, and the only people they are allowed to steal from, are those in power positions. Those are the people that take advantage of them.

They are totally against drugs in the community, so when a man is caught selling cocaine because “I have three mouths to feed!” they take the cocaine and spoon it into his mouth until the man is no longer in charge of feeding those three mouths, if you know what I mean.

Violence between two “different kinds of people” is a theme throughout this movie as well. Which, realistically, is a very poignant mirror to our current times. The differences are truly only in our minds, and it poisons society, creating rifts that have no reason to exist. There are scenes – “Why are you Serbians on our turf!!” – With the response of the slashing a knife behind the knees and taking a baseball bat to another’s head.

I like the fact that this movie deals with people in all sorts of walks of life. Younger, older, illiterate, artistic,, troubled. There is a female character that is referred to as “not all there in the head.”

I have to say, seeing a bunch of guys covered in tattoos is kinda fun. John Malkovich, covered in tattoos, is kinda fun. haha!

Be mindful of this movie, if you don’t like violence and blood, and also, if you have trouble following a back and forth story-line. As it shifts frequently!

  • deadly code

As kind of a side-note, this movie reminded me of different kinds of love, and how it can mess with a person. Falling in love with someone you shouldn’t. Having someone fall in love with you who you don’t have feelings for. Becoming close and dependent on someone, only for them to let go without warning. The fear that comes with love and with giving your heart to someone else.

Friday Night Lights – It’s more than just a game

So as you can tell from the title, I started watching Friday Night Lights. I know, I am way behind in the times. As you can probably tell, I like to take my time with things. In any case, I’m only a few episodes in and I absolutely love it!

I have heard people talk about Taylor Kitsch for years, but I never had any idea who he was! And now I do, and now I get it.

"Home Coming"

“Home Coming”

So here’s the deal, it wasn’t completely lost on me that his character… Tim Riggins… is exactly my type. A big of a train wreck. SMH. I literally cannot get away from finding these guys attractive. There’s something about knowing that underneath all the bad choices, there’s a heart that probably got a bit tore up at one point, and is now just reckless because they feel lost.

I love Connie Britton. I love her in Nashville, and in the first season of American Horror story. In FNL she plays Tami Taylor, the head coach of the football teams wife.

Jason Street, played by Scott Porter (who I LOVE in Hart of Dixie) gets hit on the field in the first episode, and is left paralyzed (at least where I am right now, that is still the case). And as someone who is an aspiring actress, I can only imagine what it would be like to play a part where you essentially cannot move! He does an incredible job.

Football is everything in Dillon, Texas… and as football season is upon us (Go Vikings!!) this post and this show is super fitting!

The show won 3 primetime Emmy awards!

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

Make sure you check out my best friends blog! She is a much better writer than I am. 😉


New Beginnings

There is a new movie coming out with Robert DeNiro, The Intern. He basically does a radical change and starts all over again, from my understanding. I have yet to see the movie. So I don’t know if it’s any good, but seeing the trailer today reminded me of something…

This last week my dad accepted a job offer, one that will decrease his pay, but increase his overall happiness. My dad is in his 50’s. He’s young at heart, but sometimes starting over later in life is terrifying. I am so incredibly proud of him. He is chasing dreams he never knew he had, and he is trusting in God more than ever before.

Sometimes we find ourselves starting all over. With a clean slate. Doing something we never imagined.

Sometimes we find ourselves starting over because we have no other choice. Sometimes people leave us behind, and we have to re-evaluate our lives. We have to move forward without the one we thought would be there to help us move forward.

The only thing that I know is that you cannot give up. You cannot give in. And you’re never “too anything” to dream big, dream new, and accomplish things. Life is too precious to let anything hold you back. There is brilliance in there somewhere.

Tell me your new beginnings. Tell me your fears. Let’s move forward in life together.


I don’t want to talk about that right now

What happened to all of great TV of the past that no one talks about anymore? I want to remind you of the gems from the past!

1. Home Improvement (1991 -1999)

Tim Allen! Tim the Tool-Man Taylor! This sitcom was hysterical! Let’s be honest, it was pretty fantastic. And as a girl, you had Zachery Ty Bryan, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Taran Noah Smith. Basically a teenage girls dream pick. At least for their time.

And then there was Wilson. Wilson Wilson to be exact. And you never saw more than just his eyes.

And everybody loved Al. =)

2. Brotherly Love

Ah, the Lawrence brothers! They play half brothers who lost their father and are trying to make it in the world without him. There is a lot of teenage drama, and a lot of… brotherly love. And Joey… his hair!

3. Clueless

Come on! It was a TV show based on the movie that almost every single girl out there loved. I mean.. As if!

4. The Famous Jett Jackson

Growing up a TV star may be great… But Jett wanted some normalcy. So he brought his superhero character and show to his home town so he try to grow up and be around average people. Ya know. Best of both worlds kinda thing?

Sadly enough, Lee Thompson Young, the lead (Jett) died in 2013.

5. Moesha

Please tell me you remember Brandy in Moesha! =)

6. Kenan & Kel

Literally did not get any funnier than these guys. As a kid, I adored these two boys. They were doofy, and silly, and literally the best.

7. Sister, Sister

The Mowry twins are so cute in this. Separated at birth, they find each other by chance in their teens. They were both adopted, and have single parents, one with a mom, one with a dad. Naturally they all end up under one roof. Their parents don’t necessarily get along, and it makes for a hilarious situation. Oh, how I miss it!

8. Roswell

I cannot explain to you how much I LOVE this show. I own all 3 seasons, and re-watch it. Alien teenagers on earth? Attractive ones at that? Yeah. I like it.

9. The X-Files

I’m still working through this gem, and clearly… people DO want to talk about this show! Reunion is in the works I think. More alien stuff! More intrigue! Slightly terrifying at times. Yes.

10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Probably my all time favorite show. I rewatch it over and over. Sarah Michelle Gellar… David Boreanaz.. Yes please! And the character of Spike! I want! Joss Whedon is my hero.

11. Salute Your Shorts

I know I should probably say more… but I can’t. Kids at summer camp. Just, trust me.

12. The Secret World of Alex Mack

Larisa Oleynik plays a girl with super powers! Yes, it is ever tweens dream. Haha. And I loved it!

Okay, so what shows do you miss that it seems like no one is talking about anymore???

To fly away

The more tired I get, the more it hurts.

The more it hurts, the more tired I get.

2 days of silence, never forget.

9 days of eternity…

It feels like sinking, drifting.

My mind feels stuck, my heart feels heavy.

I’m bored, and it sucks.

Growing up was supposed to be blissful.

The childhood goal, which is ultimately inevitable, is a lie.

The joy of the Lord is my strength, but I still grow weary.

Don’t ask me about the tears on my cheeks if you put them there.

And if you put them there, don’t let me sit alone.

I’m so tired, but I’m okay.

Just don’t fly away from me…


Someone once told me to listen to the music. It will guide you. Today, my fortune cookie said “The universe without music would be madness” – It’s funny, for the past few years I have always had a song of the day picked at complete random. Sometimes they are just fun. But often times, the song that comes on when it’s time for me to post my random song of the day, speaks directly to my soul. I may be crazy. But music helps me feel sane. And God’s plan is bigger than all of us. This is today’s song.




Hey you!
Remember me? Remember love?
Remember trying to stay together?
My time, you took it all.
You tried to see.
You tried to bring yourself up without involving me.
It isn’t fair, to have your way,
To try and get up and go and na na na na now can’t you see,
It isn’t fair to have your way,
But I’m trying to get your attention and I need you to know that.

Hey you! Hey you!
Can’t you make this thing?
I know, I know, I know you ain’t the one to play the game.
Now I know I’m gonna go your way.
Here we go, now I know, I know know know.

Forever I try to make it right,
Together we suck, end in sight,
I’m tired of fighting the good fight,
If you say the word then I’ll say goodbye.

Forever I see you and me,
Forever I’ll try for you and I,
No I never believed in the reason,
Just another good reason to get a ride.

I don’t want to turn around,
So come on baby,
Come on and try to let it out,
Let it go.
We’re still the same,
So come on baby,
Kick to the sounds, figure it out,
Let’s get back to where we started out.

Hey you! Hey you!
Can’t you make this thing?
I know, I know, I know you ain’t the one to play the game.
Now I know I’m gonna go your way.
Here we go, now I know, I know know know.

Forever I try to make it right,
Together we suck, end in sight,
I’m tired of fighting the good fight,
If you say the word then I’ll say goodbye.

Forever I see you and me,
Forever I’ll try for you and I,
No I never believed in the reason,
Just another good reason to get a ride.

Go go go go get out, get out of my memory,
No no no not tonight, I don’t have the energy.

Go go go go get out, get out of my memory,
No no no not tonight, oh not tonight, oh not tonight.

Forever I try to make it right,
Together we suck, end in sight,
I’m tired of fighting the good fight,
If you say the word then I’ll say goodbye.

Forever I see you and me,
Forever I’ll try for you and I,
No I never believed in the reason,
Just another good reason to get a ride.

Forever I try to make it right,
Together we suck, end in sight,
I’m tired of fighting the good fight,
If you say the word then I’ll say goodbye.

Forever I see you and me,
Forever I’ll try for you and I,
No I never believed in the reason,
Just another good reason to get a ride.

Top 10 Movies that everyone in the world (so it seems) has seen, all except for me…

So, I watch a lot of movies. And I pride myself in having seen MOST of the — you have to watch this — movies. But there are some… (probably more than some)… that I have not seen. And there are many people who gasp at such a thought.

1. Gone With the Wind

It’s a classic. And no, I have never sat down and actually watched it. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen part of it in passing. Not one bit. Or if I have, I do not remember, or had no clue it was what was playing… But Theresa has assured me that I am NOT missing out on anything. For she said, if I remember correctly, that it is painfully long and boring. hahah Gotta love her honesty.

2. Pulp Fiction

It won awards, people still talk about it. I have absolutely no desire to see this. All I have heard is that it glorifies drugs. And that just really bums me out. My parents saw the movie, and my dad literally said that he wish he hadn’t. It is one of those movies that he wishes he could take back.

3. The Godfather

Please do not judge me! I’d love to see this. It’s a classic! I have no idea why it has not yet happened. It’s very strange to me.

4. Avatar

Yeah, I haven’t seen this movie either. At least not the entire thing. I have seen a few scenes from it. I guess when it first came out I really didn’t care to see it. I just kept hearing how politically driven it was, and how it was all about earth huggers, which I’m not exactly into all that. (I’m all about being responsible, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t take it to the political extreme with environmentalism}. In any case, my dad has said that if you can get past that, it’s a very good movie. I trust him. And so at some point, I would like to actually sit down and watch this movie.

5. The Hangover

I heard it was raunchy and gross. Which… to be honest, hasn’t stopped me from watching other movies. So I don’t know why it kept me from watching this one.

6. A Clockwork Orange

Yeah, I know. And it’s not that I don’t WANT to see it. But that picture that’s always attached to it, with the eyes propped open… I just.. *shudder*

7. Life is Beautiful

I tried, got a few minutes in, realized I had to read it, and I quit. I will allow you to judge me on this one. I just truly hate having to READ the movie I am watching. Mostly because I don’t end up WATCHING anything but the WORDS. And that just irritates me.

8. Dr. Strangelove

Okay, maybe not EVERYONE has seen this, but a lot of my movie/nerdy/awesome friends have. And some would be disappointed in me to find out that I have not seen it. Honestly… I don’t even know what it’s about, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out a whole lot.

9. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Blah! I truly do feel like a failure on this one. I have got to see this movie, and soon! Audrey baby! =) I have no other words. =(

10. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I was told, AGAIN, today that I should see this. Again. Because Will Ferrel is serious in it! Uh… I get that. Not enough for me to just be like OMG PLEASE LET ME WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! Maybe someday I will. I guess I’m not like, opposed to seeing it. But I simply have not seen it.


Okay my friends! There is my list. Do you have any movies that you have not seen, that perhaps you are ashamed to admit? Or proud to admit?

Top 8 creepiest shots from TV shows that I watch

For those of you who like creepy things, here is a list for you. I will try not to give any spoilers, but rather encourage you to check these shows out, or maybe… not. =)

1. 666 Park Avenue

In case you haven’t figured it out by the title, it’s about an apartment building run by the devil, where the tenants have all sold their souls to be able to live there in this supposedly posh society. And obviously, some messed up things occur.

Perhaps this is vague, but most of the shots taken down any of the long hallways from the lower angle looking up, are just simply reminiscent of The Shining in my eyes.

There is also this giant spiral staircase. And that is rather creepy. Just watch, you’ll see what I mean. I should tell you, the show is not SCARY, but there are little moments that are creepy. But that’s what this post is about right? Shots that are simply creepy?

Some other mentions of creepiness? Not scary mind you, but creepy. A lady gets her head stuck in an elevator, and a man gets sucked into some wallpaper. Hahaha, okay, so typing that out, it actually sounds more humorous than creepy, but I digress. And that is the beauty of writing your own blog. I do what I want!

I loved this show. And I hated that it got cancelled. You should probably give it a spin if you’re looking for a show with little commitment, seeing as it got cancelled before season one was finished. Doing some research, I found out it was based off of a young adult novel. I tend to love shows based off of those. =)

2. Being Human (US)

Being an outsider is hard, now try being a vampire, or a werewolf, or better yet! A ghost! I get a lot of slack for watching this show because “the UK one is so much better!” – Oh well. This is the one I have watched at this point. Get over it. =)

So this is a spoiler, I guess. Sally is a ghost, she gets reanimated, and then she starts to decompose all over again. So thats disgusting, and creepy when you see a shot of her face peeling into a black muck. What is also creepy, romantic? no creepy, is her boyfriend making out with her. And she is decomposing. Oh, and did I mention, to slow down the process of decomposition, she needs to eat live flesh. So she went from being a ghost, to being a zombie. I ask you, which would you prefer?

Creepy scene number 2? Her going all animalistic on a mouse. OH, and her zombie buddies, they are eating their entire families. So that’s a thing too!

But really! I do love this show!

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It’s been off the air for years. It’s got a cheesy name. And yes, they did a musical episode. But for all of you out there that refuse to watch it. You are missing out on a masterpiece. Probably my all time favorite show. And Joss Whedon is the brilliance behind it.

I think one of the most talked about creepy episodes is “Hush” – The Gentlemen were four ghoul like men that came into a town and stole everyones ability to speak. So no sound is made. No one can scream. No one can warn. And the creepiness of this is further displayed in their skull like appearance, but with permanent smiles. I think just the shot of their faces is the creepiest of all.

There is also an episode called “conversations with dead people” where Buffy’s mother is brought back to life. Well, I bet you can guess how well that goes. And how creepy that gets.


4. The X-Files

I cannot pick one scene. I simply cannot. Though I do recall an episode with a doll. And that creeps me out to no end.

This snippet will give you a taste if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Eugene Tooms was also a very, very creepy character.

If you like creepy stuff, this show takes the cake. Yes, it is old. Yes, sometimes its age shows by way of cheesiness. But regardless, it is a good watch. And the fact that the show ran as long as it did, is proof of that. And truly, the show is actually blatantly scary at times. It just is.

5. Supernatural

Well, this show is just full of awesome, but full of creepy as well. I’m fairly certain I have mentioned this show before, but just in case, it’s awesome! And you should watch it!

There is an episode early on in the show that takes place in a haunted insane asylum. The ghost of a doctor (who is awful, as you might imagine) is still going on to torture the souls of the patients he had when they were all living. Some of the shots are downright brutal and creepy. But the episode was intense and beautiful.


This is not a creepy episode full of creepy shots, but “yellow fever” is certainly one of the funniest episodes. I wont tell you about it, because then you will have to go and watch it!

6. The Following

The second episode is full of Poe masks. And for anyone who knows me, I can’t stand Poe. Poe freaks me the heck out. So this, was very creepy to me.

This show is awesome. Kevin Bacon. Yes please. It’s about a serial killer, and his cult following. Hence the title. It is phenomenal. And you really need to watch it.

7. The Walking Dead

I have barely watched any of this show. Not because it isn’t good, trust me it is. But because I watch so much other stuff that I have yet to get that full on binge mode with this one.

However, I have yet to see an episode that DOESN’T have a creepy shot. I mean, it’s about zombies after all. And they aren’t all cutesy in this. It’s rather gross to be honest. I can’t get too much into this one, because I haven’t gotten far, but I do know that I am going to keep watching it, and that you should pick it up if you haven’t.

8. True Blood

I never got very far in this series, mostly because it was more raunchy than I particularly like. But in the episode “I Don’t Wanna Know” there is voodoo, and there is torture. One of the creepiest shots is of Tara stabbing herself as a child… yikes. And then less creepy, but super disturbing, was Jason holding a vampire captive, in chains, in his basement. It was a horrible depiction of the way prejudice creeps into our society and is masked by stereotypes and justifications.


Super Powers, Go!

Everyone is always talking about what super powers they would want, and why. And that’s all fine and dandy, but I want to talk about the supernatural powers that I would NOT want to have. I feel like there is way more negative to go along with these powers than there are positive. There is a reason humans are made the way they are.

 Body Part Substitution: This is the ability to replace your body parts, with someone else’s, and then you can gain their powers too. Which sounds nifty cool in theory, but it actually totally creeps me out! And it seems like a totally cruel thing, to steal body parts from other people. Call me old fashion, but I just don’t think that’s very nice. Example: Clare from Claymore.

Anatomical Liberation: Who in their right mind would want to be able to remove limbs and have the go about their business. I mean… that’s just creepy. I do not want my hand to go do something without me… unless of course it’s to turn the lights off when I’m in bed. Maybe then, and only then, would this kinda sorta appeal to me. Lorne, in Angel, could do this.

Additional Limbs: This means you can grow extra arms… extra legs. Even an extra head. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl, but I think I look just fine with what I have. The one good thing about this would be that it would make serving easier. But I just don’t want to be a server anymore. So let’s not go down that road. Spiral, of Marvel comics has this insanely disturbing ability.

Matter Ingestion: You can ingest anything without harm. Now I know it says that there is no harm, but this just sounds like a bad idea. Don’t you think? Now apparently the Dragons in Dungeons and Dragons can do this, but that doesn’t seem too shocking. I mean… dragons typically breathe fire. I would assume that anything can go in or out of their mouth without harm. ha!

Bone Manipulation: Gross, this is just as bad as additional limbs. Maybe worse. They have control of their own bones and others. They can grow them, and change their shape. And all sorts of bizarre things. Like, no. Just no. Marrow from Marvel has this ability. Ermkay.

 Self Detonation: Need I explain this? You explode… and POTENTIALLY recover. There is no guarantee. What… why. Klabamus from The Mask: Animated Series can do this. Have you witnessed this from him? Does he come back? Or is it all a lie?

Cyclone Spinning: Can you say motion sickness? I mean, I suppose if you possessed this power, you probably wouldn’t GET motion sickness, but just the idea of it makes me feel sick. So I’ll pass. Ooba Badasaama from Fairy Tail has this ability. I actually tried watching this show, and thought it would be enjoyable if I didn’t have to read it. I just have a hard time with subtitles. I miss all the action because I’m trying to read. Sigh. 

 Acid Generation: They basically secrete acid. Um, this sounds too dangerous. I mean, what if you like accidentally… oy. I mean, they may or may not have control over this! Gluttony in FullMetal Alchemist has acidic saliva. Um… goodbye french kissing. I like kissing. I don’t want to destroy those whom I wish to lick… Ash Generation: What. Is. The. Point. You can’t create fire, you create the leftovers of fire. Why. Ash in X-Men: The Last Stand. Stench Generation: You smell so bad in one way or another that people go unconscious… or something. Again, I’m a girl. I like smelling nummy. My super power is smelling like a cookie and bringing all the boys to the yard. This is a weird thing. But I don’t think it’s a super power, because I have known so many people with this “ability” – I die. Ed in Ed, Edd and Eddy (who misses this show by the way!) he was a stinky little mofo. By the way, all you dudes out there, I won’t even consider dating a guy if he doesn’t smell good. My nose is super sensitive. And I just don’t want to hold your hand if I have to hold my breath at the same time. Self-Sustenance: Maybe I’m alone in this one. But I like being human. Wait, I may have to take this back… I’d rather not have to pee and what not. But I love to eat. Ugh, see now that I’m thinking about this one, I’m torn. Kryptonians could control their bodies and what they do or don’t need. Lucky them. Okay see now I’m feeling like I’m changing my mind. Ugh, ignore me. 😉 Enhanced Bite: I’m the weirdo who likes to nibble on people. But I don’t want to hurt them dangit! I want to make the laugh, or make a funny face, question my sanity, or ya know, get them all riled up. I don’t want to take chunks. Gluttony from Fullmetal Alchemist has this ability too. He is stacked with the not so great ones.Bad bite and acid mouth. Gluttony shall not be my boyfriend. Plus he has a bad name… so that goes without saying.

Enhanced Thievery: You can steal anything without a problem. Sounds like a good thing, but see, this makes you a thief. A bad person. I do not want this. I would feel forever guilty! Sly Cooper is a master thief. I guess that’s why his name is Sly.

X-Ray Vision: The ability to see through solid objects or people. The reason I wouldn’t want to have this ability, is because it gives me too much power, too much responsibility, and too much opportunity to screw up. And I already mess up a lot just as a normal human being. Superman had X-Ray vision, and all I can think about is Smallville where he unintentionally peers into the girls locker room. Yeah, not okay. There is just way too much temptation with that sucker!

360-Degree Vision: You can see all around you. Like, all around you. Sounds neat in theory, but to me it sounds overwhelming. I mean, sometimes what I see right in front of me is overwhelming enough. Plus, than you have to deal with seeing what people are saying behind your back, or what that ridiculous coworker is looking at when you walk away. Oy, no. Just no. Some things are better left to the imagination. See Opticoids from Ben 10.

Astral Vision: If you have this ability, you can see creatures and beings in other overlapping dimensions. I don’t know about you, but this sounds creepy. What a way to be freaked out all the time. Not only that, but these creatures are likely to be aware that you can see them, and are then more likely to harm you because they feel threatened. I think not. I do not want this. And if you think about it, some people really do have this ability as far as those claiming to see angels and demons. Same concept really. Magicians in Shadowrun can do this.

Death Sense: I don’t know why anyone would want to know when they, or anyone else, is going to die, or how. Especially if you can’t prevent it. Wouldn’t it just cause you to live in dread and waiting for those moments. I think life is too precious a gift to only focus on death. Every single day is a gift, and the uncertainty of it is actually quite beautiful. It makes life mysterious, and less morbid. Naturally, the Death character on Supernatural has this ability. Shocker there. 😉

Feral Mind: Basically you are able to turn to basic primal instincts that causes an animal like rage that’s seemingly uncontrollable. Think of when good boys like Oz turn into a werewolf and hurt the people they love because they cannot control their primal instincts. That and they may not remember the pain and chaos that they caused while in their animal like state. And there’s something to be said about becoming an animal like horny. Them male animals have no control over their instinct to bang. To me, that says disaster and lawsuits ready to happen. Brick Baxter from The Young Guardians is apparently like this, though I have no knowledge of this character myself. Although I do know about Bruce Banner aka The Hulk. And he is definitely in this category.

Divided Mind: Multiple personalities just chillin inside one person. Most cases the “real” person is either not aware that the others exist within them, or they simply have no control over them or when they switch. They are completely sentient in of themselves. Yikabees. No. I think I would lose all my friends. They would find me to be positively insane. And if you get an aggressive second personality, who knows if they would try to take complete control of you! And then you kinda just lose yourself forever, to… ya know… your other self. Think Jack the Ripper in Metal Gear. Or perhaps, more well known, the case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Which by the way… BBC has a version of Jekyll that is pretty dang good. So head on over to your nearest HULU account and check that stuff out yo diggity!

4th Wall Awareness: Means you know your world is fake. It’s all an act. You know you are a character in a world that is not real! I think this would cause complete insanity. I mean are you really living? And if not, then what is the point? Why would you want to continue doing what you’re doing if there’s no purpose? This one boggles my little mind. All I can think about is The Truman Show, only he DIDN’T know that his world was false, but at least he had a chance to go out into the real world. Example: Lyssa Drak, DC Comics. A more well known example would be Neo from the Matrix. Now I want to do that cool arm waving back bendy thing he does. Sigh. I’m not a cartoon, or super agile move character.

Astral Projection: This allows a persons spirit to leave the body and go about their business on the spiritual plane. But this sounds like a terrible idea because your body is essentially dead, and therefore super vulnerable. If an enemy kills the body, than the spirit is stuck. And also it leaves the body susceptible to possession. Super creepy! Professor X! Yeah Marvel!

Mediumship: It’s exactly what you think it is, you can communicate with the dead. And for obvious reasons, I just don’t want to do that. Do you remember watching Courage the Cowardly Dog? Well Shirley was a medium! Or how about Oda Mae Brown in Ghost, played by Whoopi Goldberg. Ya know the movie with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. So good.

Precognition: You can see and predict the future, but the future is always changing, and shifting course. I think that seems like an awful lot of responsibility. And not only that, it seems quite scary! There is a whole bunch of different kinds of precognition that I’m not going to get into. But it’s safe to say that in general, I would not want this! It can happen without warning, whether you want it to or not. I mean, can you imagine the potential for embarrassment? And then add to that all the people that would want to use your skill. You’d end up locked up somewhere by some psycho who constantly wants his future told! Midnighter of the DC comics is a Precog. Or for those of you who are into the Twilight thing, think Alice Cullen.

Memory Manipulation: The ability to completely control yours and others memories. Again the responsibility factor. And on a whim you can be upset about something and all whiny “I wanna forget” and then you do it and then it’s lost forever. I’m sorry, those are the kind of things that cause a person to grow. And then you’d have people again trying to control you. There’s also the potential to confuse your memories with someone else’s. As if my own life trauma’s aren’t enough. I don’t want to have to hang onto other people’s baggage. Hell to the no son. Eric Draven of the Caliber Comic has memory manipulation. Also our super awesome Professor X!

Fear Inducement: Basically, you can make someone very afraid. You control the chemicals in their brain that induces extreme fear. I’m sorry, but that’s just cruel! I know what it feels like to be afraid. I would NOT want to put anyone through that. Turahk from Bionicle is a fear inducer, and so is Freddy Krueger, but that one is just so plain obvious (shivers).

There are likely 1000 more, but I just need to post this already!

15 TV Related Confessions

1. I am such an introvert… that most days I would rather live vicariously through TV characters, than go out and spend the day with real people I know. It’s an actual struggle for me to make plans with people.

2. I often times like shows that other people make fun of me for watching.

3. My favorite shows right now are The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Glee, Once Upon a Time, and most recently added, Mistresses.

4. I just started the Mad Men bandwagon this week. People rave about that show, and it’s been on for what… 6 seasons? I just started it. I do things at my own pace.

5. I have never watched LOST all the way through. Nor did I watch Arrested Development all the way through. I love Jason Bateman. I loved the first season. Everything after that I stopped being impressed with. So I lost interest.

6. A lot of shows that people rave about, I can’t seem to even get through the pilot. Even though I always tell everyone else you have to get to the second episode before you judge a show. Like Shameless and Broad City. I could not even get myself to finish the pilots for those. Ew, just ew.

7. I always fall in love with the most broken characters in the show, but the idea of that in real life is disturbing. At least I know I am sort of sane in that way!

8. I had a beautiful, large, flat screen TV… until I was robbed, and they stole it right out of my bedroom…. boo. This makes it hard to follow through with my obsession. 😉

9. I really hate reality TV… unless it has to do with music. The Voice, American Idol. Or sometimes I will watch ones that have to do with Dance. But I rarely actually watch the entire season. I guess I like shows like Duck Dynasty, and ones that have some learning involved, like River Monsters and what not. I guess what I’m trying to say… is that anything with whiny, over privileged people… I do not enjoy. haha. Example: Keep the Kardashians away from me. Please and thank you.

10. Mindy Kaling is amazingly funny and talented. The Mindy Project is snort worthy and a pleasure to watch. But with this confession, comes the part where I tell you that I can’t stand The Office. I don’t think it’s funny. It actually stresses me out. I feel physically ill when I watch it. Perhaps someday I will be able to revisit it and try again, and maybe I’ll like it! But I know that the last few years or so when I have tried, I just can’t stomach it! And I need to tell you that I think the entire cast is incredibly talented, so it’s not even that. I just think that what happens on the show is so uncomfortable that it actually stresses me out! haha!

11. I am outraged and terribly sad that Once Upon a Time in Wonderland got cancelled. I thought it was amazing. But I am super pleased to hear rumors that Will Scarlett will become a main player character on Once Upon a Time next season.

12. I haven’t watched through all of How I Met Your Mother. I start, then I get distracted by something else, and end up having to start over.

13. I thought Heroes was brilliant, and then it got weird, and desperate. And it made me sad because I felt like they were trying too hard, and I never finished watching the series.

14. I absolutely LOVED Dr. Sam on New Girl. I just thought he was drool worthy on so many accounts.

15. I love kids cartoons. Even preschool shows. Sometimes I just want to watch the shows I grew up on, ya know those cartoons from the 90’s? Love em!

Honorable mention confession: A lot of people like to complain that JJ Abrams doesn’t make good TV. And I know I said that I have never watched Lost all the through (I intend to at some point), and I haven’t seen Alcatraz. But dude, I love Revolution! And his movies are fantastic too. I am a fan.