The Lyricist of Forest Fires

DownloadedFile Is anyone else watching The Following? I’m only on episode 3, so please, for the love of all that television religious… do not spoil the rest for me. However, if you are not watching it, and plan to, I may give some stuff away myself. So consider yourself warned. This show… is the epitome of amazing.

First of all, you have the always amazing Kevin Bacon. Truly, the man has done everything. And after all these years, is still incredibly sexy. But this is not the point.

The concept of a serial murderer, who creates a fan-base, and therefore a cult of sorts… is creepy beyond all else. Truly I know this is not an original concept as it has actually happened, but I’m loving the show. I have never liked Edgar Allan Poe. And yes, I do respect his work and that he is a classic writer. It’s not the fact that I feel he’s not good, it’s just that I have ALWAYS found him to be so incredibly creepy in every single way. I get goosebumpies just thinking about his work. Truly a man that had some demons. But this feeling is now just solidified by this show as the man who is the killer, worships Poe! So he takes his works to the extreme and cuts out women’s eyes. On top of that, he has all these naive and insane people falling for his charm and doing his bidding even as he sits in prison!!

This last episode I watched, they set a man on fire in the middle of the street, while they were wearing a Poe mask! Dude, so not okay. Also, the man who set said dude on fire, stabbed his wife as a dare! And she was okay with it! What the hell man, what the hell. Crazy characters.

Now you find out that the reason they kidnapped Joe’s (the original killer) son, is to start teaching him how to kill like them and his father! Super sick and twisted.

Is it messed up of me to have such a love for this series already, considering how dark it is? Or is it okay to say that simply because of my fascination with psychology. (Which I minored in while in college.)

The fact of the matter is that I DO love it. And am so excited to continue on in the series. And this one better not get cancelled, they cancel too many of the shows that I truly enjoy.

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