The post in which Maria watches, comments, and reviews the movie Ink.

Well so far it’s visually pleasing, very interesting. The way they use color and sound is crazy. I suppose being that the movie is about dreams, the fact that they cloud and blur and color everything just adds to the aesthetic feel of dreaming.

It opens up with a man screaming curse words, so if you’re uncomfortable with heavy language, specifically the ever over-used F-bomb as we shall say, than don’t even turn it on, because it is the first word uttered… well not uttered, screamed! And multiple times.

Little girl wants to play with daddy, daddy sucks at playing pretend. Daddy tells little girl that he doesn’t play pretend, until her adorableness grasps him and pulls him into her world and we finally see a picture of what a father daughter relationship SHOULD look like. Men, as fathers, truly have to step it up in that way. (Women too, naturally).

Also note, this movie has some very creepy elements to it. So far I’m not scared, exactly, but willies have been attributed to current set of emotions. Music and sound editing does a brilliant job. Light flashing, camera work, all stunning to the sense of what the film intends to capture.

There is a great deal of violence in this movie as well.

I do have to point out that this movie is stunning. After watching it through, I am captivated and moved. It literally has a cadence and rhythm. The acting isn’t wonderful, but the overall is intensely beautiful. The message incredibly deep. And I am left in awe. I now want to add this film to my collection. I hope I run into in the stores someday. It would be a rare find, but it would please me so.

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