Damon Salvatore

This is where I begin my list of fictional television crushes! Starting with the incredible, Damon Salvatore.

If you don’t know who he is, (sad) I shall tell you, he is from The Vampire Diaries. This started as a book series and is now a very popular TV show on the CW. The book and the show are incredibly different.

Damon is played by one of the sexiest actors of our time, Ian Somerhalder.


When Damon was 24 years old, he was turned into a vampire. And everyone who knows me, knows I love a good vampire story. He’s got a sweet brother, Stefan, who I like, but not nearly as much as Damon.

And let me tell you one thing, Damon was with this girl Katherine, and I hated her. Most people who watch the show hates her. And now she is dead. And if you ask me, the best thing they ever did on the show, was bring Damon and Elena together. Elena and Stefan was way too boring.

Damon is dark, both physically and emotionally. He is incredibly handsome with piercing blue eyes. But what I love about him is how strong-willed he is, but how incredibly fragile he is at the same time. His heart is bigger than any of the characters and that’s precisely why he is the most guarded of them all.

He is disgustingly charming, and I mean that literally. He makes the worst possible decisions and yet you still love him. And yes, he has this ego that is really just a way of hiding behind his feelings and insecurities. So incredibly sad and frustrating.

OH and did I mention he is snarky. And for some reason, his wit and charm just make me swoon. Plus Ian has this crooked smile and sparkly eyes that bring Damon to life.




When he is not hiding behind his evil side, he turns out to be an incredibly compassionate person, assuming you can peel back the layers. And while he rarely admits his wrongs, when he ends up with Elena, she completely changes him and those moments happen way more often.

He is so afraid of being good, because he is so afraid of letting people down. Another proof of how much he actually does care. And it all turns out very twisted and backwards.

Perhaps he is, or seems to be flippant with the lives of the people around him. I will not argue with that. But when he truly loves someone, he puts them first, every time. First and foremost with Elena. Maybe that’s why I love him. Maybe that’s why he has become one of my all time favorite characters, and definitely a huge character crush.

Damon to Elena: “I will always choose you.”




2 thoughts on “Damon Salvatore

  1. Agreed. On so many levels. He makes Elena come to life. Also, his love feels real. He loves Elena inspite of her faults. Whereas Stefan, with his holier-than-thou attitude wants a perfect Elena. Mary Sues are incredibly unrealistic and feel fake to me.

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