15 TV Related Confessions

1. I am such an introvert… that most days I would rather live vicariously through TV characters, than go out and spend the day with real people I know. It’s an actual struggle for me to make plans with people.

2. I often times like shows that other people make fun of me for watching.

3. My favorite shows right now are The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Glee, Once Upon a Time, and most recently added, Mistresses.

4. I just started the Mad Men bandwagon this week. People rave about that show, and it’s been on for what… 6 seasons? I just started it. I do things at my own pace.

5. I have never watched LOST all the way through. Nor did I watch Arrested Development all the way through. I love Jason Bateman. I loved the first season. Everything after that I stopped being impressed with. So I lost interest.

6. A lot of shows that people rave about, I can’t seem to even get through the pilot. Even though I always tell everyone else you have to get to the second episode before you judge a show. Like Shameless and Broad City. I could not even get myself to finish the pilots for those. Ew, just ew.

7. I always fall in love with the most broken characters in the show, but the idea of that in real life is disturbing. At least I know I am sort of sane in that way!

8. I had a beautiful, large, flat screen TV… until I was robbed, and they stole it right out of my bedroom…. boo. This makes it hard to follow through with my obsession. 😉

9. I really hate reality TV… unless it has to do with music. The Voice, American Idol. Or sometimes I will watch ones that have to do with Dance. But I rarely actually watch the entire season. I guess I like shows like Duck Dynasty, and ones that have some learning involved, like River Monsters and what not. I guess what I’m trying to say… is that anything with whiny, over privileged people… I do not enjoy. haha. Example: Keep the Kardashians away from me. Please and thank you.

10. Mindy Kaling is amazingly funny and talented. The Mindy Project is snort worthy and a pleasure to watch. But with this confession, comes the part where I tell you that I can’t stand The Office. I don’t think it’s funny. It actually stresses me out. I feel physically ill when I watch it. Perhaps someday I will be able to revisit it and try again, and maybe I’ll like it! But I know that the last few years or so when I have tried, I just can’t stomach it! And I need to tell you that I think the entire cast is incredibly talented, so it’s not even that. I just think that what happens on the show is so uncomfortable that it actually stresses me out! haha!

11. I am outraged and terribly sad that Once Upon a Time in Wonderland got cancelled. I thought it was amazing. But I am super pleased to hear rumors that Will Scarlett will become a main player character on Once Upon a Time next season.

12. I haven’t watched through all of How I Met Your Mother. I start, then I get distracted by something else, and end up having to start over.

13. I thought Heroes was brilliant, and then it got weird, and desperate. And it made me sad because I felt like they were trying too hard, and I never finished watching the series.

14. I absolutely LOVED Dr. Sam on New Girl. I just thought he was drool worthy on so many accounts.

15. I love kids cartoons. Even preschool shows. Sometimes I just want to watch the shows I grew up on, ya know those cartoons from the 90’s? Love em!

Honorable mention confession: A lot of people like to complain that JJ Abrams doesn’t make good TV. And I know I said that I have never watched Lost all the through (I intend to at some point), and I haven’t seen Alcatraz. But dude, I love Revolution! And his movies are fantastic too. I am a fan.

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