Top 10 Movies that everyone in the world (so it seems) has seen, all except for me…

So, I watch a lot of movies. And I pride myself in having seen MOST of the — you have to watch this — movies. But there are some… (probably more than some)… that I have not seen. And there are many people who gasp at such a thought.

1. Gone With the Wind

It’s a classic. And no, I have never sat down and actually watched it. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen part of it in passing. Not one bit. Or if I have, I do not remember, or had no clue it was what was playing… But Theresa has assured me that I am NOT missing out on anything. For she said, if I remember correctly, that it is painfully long and boring. hahah Gotta love her honesty.

2. Pulp Fiction

It won awards, people still talk about it. I have absolutely no desire to see this. All I have heard is that it glorifies drugs. And that just really bums me out. My parents saw the movie, and my dad literally said that he wish he hadn’t. It is one of those movies that he wishes he could take back.

3. The Godfather

Please do not judge me! I’d love to see this. It’s a classic! I have no idea why it has not yet happened. It’s very strange to me.

4. Avatar

Yeah, I haven’t seen this movie either. At least not the entire thing. I have seen a few scenes from it. I guess when it first came out I really didn’t care to see it. I just kept hearing how politically driven it was, and how it was all about earth huggers, which I’m not exactly into all that. (I’m all about being responsible, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t take it to the political extreme with environmentalism}. In any case, my dad has said that if you can get past that, it’s a very good movie. I trust him. And so at some point, I would like to actually sit down and watch this movie.

5. The Hangover

I heard it was raunchy and gross. Which… to be honest, hasn’t stopped me from watching other movies. So I don’t know why it kept me from watching this one.

6. A Clockwork Orange

Yeah, I know. And it’s not that I don’t WANT to see it. But that picture that’s always attached to it, with the eyes propped open… I just.. *shudder*

7. Life is Beautiful

I tried, got a few minutes in, realized I had to read it, and I quit. I will allow you to judge me on this one. I just truly hate having to READ the movie I am watching. Mostly because I don’t end up WATCHING anything but the WORDS. And that just irritates me.

8. Dr. Strangelove

Okay, maybe not EVERYONE has seen this, but a lot of my movie/nerdy/awesome friends have. And some would be disappointed in me to find out that I have not seen it. Honestly… I don’t even know what it’s about, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out a whole lot.

9. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Blah! I truly do feel like a failure on this one. I have got to see this movie, and soon! Audrey baby! =) I have no other words. =(

10. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I was told, AGAIN, today that I should see this. Again. Because Will Ferrel is serious in it! Uh… I get that. Not enough for me to just be like OMG PLEASE LET ME WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! Maybe someday I will. I guess I’m not like, opposed to seeing it. But I simply have not seen it.


Okay my friends! There is my list. Do you have any movies that you have not seen, that perhaps you are ashamed to admit? Or proud to admit?


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