What’s weird? Deadly Code.

John Malkovich in Deadly Code plays a vicious, protective, weird character. His Russian accent, his story telling, his snarling when using a wolf analogy. All very weird.

This community they live in, they take care of their own. They let no one go down. It kind of reminds me of Sons of Anarchy. They take matters into their own hands, and the only people they are allowed to steal from, are those in power positions. Those are the people that take advantage of them.

They are totally against drugs in the community, so when a man is caught selling cocaine because “I have three mouths to feed!” they take the cocaine and spoon it into his mouth until the man is no longer in charge of feeding those three mouths, if you know what I mean.

Violence between two “different kinds of people” is a theme throughout this movie as well. Which, realistically, is a very poignant mirror to our current times. The differences are truly only in our minds, and it poisons society, creating rifts that have no reason to exist. There are scenes – “Why are you Serbians on our turf!!” – With the response of the slashing a knife behind the knees and taking a baseball bat to another’s head.

I like the fact that this movie deals with people in all sorts of walks of life. Younger, older, illiterate, artistic,, troubled. There is a female character that is referred to as “not all there in the head.”

I have to say, seeing a bunch of guys covered in tattoos is kinda fun. John Malkovich, covered in tattoos, is kinda fun. haha!

Be mindful of this movie, if you don’t like violence and blood, and also, if you have trouble following a back and forth story-line. As it shifts frequently!

  • deadly code

As kind of a side-note, this movie reminded me of different kinds of love, and how it can mess with a person. Falling in love with someone you shouldn’t. Having someone fall in love with you who you don’t have feelings for. Becoming close and dependent on someone, only for them to let go without warning. The fear that comes with love and with giving your heart to someone else.

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