Top 8 creepiest shots from TV shows that I watch

For those of you who like creepy things, here is a list for you. I will try not to give any spoilers, but rather encourage you to check these shows out, or maybe… not. =)

1. 666 Park Avenue

In case you haven’t figured it out by the title, it’s about an apartment building run by the devil, where the tenants have all sold their souls to be able to live there in this supposedly posh society. And obviously, some messed up things occur.

Perhaps this is vague, but most of the shots taken down any of the long hallways from the lower angle looking up, are just simply reminiscent of The Shining in my eyes.

There is also this giant spiral staircase. And that is rather creepy. Just watch, you’ll see what I mean. I should tell you, the show is not SCARY, but there are little moments that are creepy. But that’s what this post is about right? Shots that are simply creepy?

Some other mentions of creepiness? Not scary mind you, but creepy. A lady gets her head stuck in an elevator, and a man gets sucked into some wallpaper. Hahaha, okay, so typing that out, it actually sounds more humorous than creepy, but I digress. And that is the beauty of writing your own blog. I do what I want!

I loved this show. And I hated that it got cancelled. You should probably give it a spin if you’re looking for a show with little commitment, seeing as it got cancelled before season one was finished. Doing some research, I found out it was based off of a young adult novel. I tend to love shows based off of those. =)

2. Being Human (US)

Being an outsider is hard, now try being a vampire, or a werewolf, or better yet! A ghost! I get a lot of slack for watching this show because “the UK one is so much better!” – Oh well. This is the one I have watched at this point. Get over it. =)

So this is a spoiler, I guess. Sally is a ghost, she gets reanimated, and then she starts to decompose all over again. So thats disgusting, and creepy when you see a shot of her face peeling into a black muck. What is also creepy, romantic? no creepy, is her boyfriend making out with her. And she is decomposing. Oh, and did I mention, to slow down the process of decomposition, she needs to eat live flesh. So she went from being a ghost, to being a zombie. I ask you, which would you prefer?

Creepy scene number 2? Her going all animalistic on a mouse. OH, and her zombie buddies, they are eating their entire families. So that’s a thing too!

But really! I do love this show!

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It’s been off the air for years. It’s got a cheesy name. And yes, they did a musical episode. But for all of you out there that refuse to watch it. You are missing out on a masterpiece. Probably my all time favorite show. And Joss Whedon is the brilliance behind it.

I think one of the most talked about creepy episodes is “Hush” – The Gentlemen were four ghoul like men that came into a town and stole everyones ability to speak. So no sound is made. No one can scream. No one can warn. And the creepiness of this is further displayed in their skull like appearance, but with permanent smiles. I think just the shot of their faces is the creepiest of all.

There is also an episode called “conversations with dead people” where Buffy’s mother is brought back to life. Well, I bet you can guess how well that goes. And how creepy that gets.


4. The X-Files

I cannot pick one scene. I simply cannot. Though I do recall an episode with a doll. And that creeps me out to no end.

This snippet will give you a taste if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Eugene Tooms was also a very, very creepy character.

If you like creepy stuff, this show takes the cake. Yes, it is old. Yes, sometimes its age shows by way of cheesiness. But regardless, it is a good watch. And the fact that the show ran as long as it did, is proof of that. And truly, the show is actually blatantly scary at times. It just is.

5. Supernatural

Well, this show is just full of awesome, but full of creepy as well. I’m fairly certain I have mentioned this show before, but just in case, it’s awesome! And you should watch it!

There is an episode early on in the show that takes place in a haunted insane asylum. The ghost of a doctor (who is awful, as you might imagine) is still going on to torture the souls of the patients he had when they were all living. Some of the shots are downright brutal and creepy. But the episode was intense and beautiful.


This is not a creepy episode full of creepy shots, but “yellow fever” is certainly one of the funniest episodes. I wont tell you about it, because then you will have to go and watch it!

6. The Following

The second episode is full of Poe masks. And for anyone who knows me, I can’t stand Poe. Poe freaks me the heck out. So this, was very creepy to me.

This show is awesome. Kevin Bacon. Yes please. It’s about a serial killer, and his cult following. Hence the title. It is phenomenal. And you really need to watch it.

7. The Walking Dead

I have barely watched any of this show. Not because it isn’t good, trust me it is. But because I watch so much other stuff that I have yet to get that full on binge mode with this one.

However, I have yet to see an episode that DOESN’T have a creepy shot. I mean, it’s about zombies after all. And they aren’t all cutesy in this. It’s rather gross to be honest. I can’t get too much into this one, because I haven’t gotten far, but I do know that I am going to keep watching it, and that you should pick it up if you haven’t.

8. True Blood

I never got very far in this series, mostly because it was more raunchy than I particularly like. But in the episode “I Don’t Wanna Know” there is voodoo, and there is torture. One of the creepiest shots is of Tara stabbing herself as a child… yikes. And then less creepy, but super disturbing, was Jason holding a vampire captive, in chains, in his basement. It was a horrible depiction of the way prejudice creeps into our society and is masked by stereotypes and justifications.